Enhanced Your Scuba Diving Experience With Yoga

Yoga and scuba diving actually have a lot in common, and these activities build skills that complement each other, making you better at both.
If you already dive, yoga will improve your technique. And if you’re a yoga junkie, you’re sure to love diving. Yoga and scuba challenge you to push your boundaries and step out of your comfort zone, which is just one reason why they’re such a perfect pair.

We'll provide you How is Yoga and Scuba Diving Are The Perfect Pair :

Breathing Is A Skill.
The breathing techniques practiced in Yoga encourage the body to use full capacity of the lungs and absorb and use oxygen more efficiently. Slow, controlled breathing facilitates a relaxed body and mind, improves air consumption, and can be used as a tool to fine tune your buoyancy.

The Meditative Mind—Above and Below Water.
Scuba can be a physically demanding activity. Therefore, maintaining good general health and fitness is an important part of being a diver. The physical postures in Yoga help strengthen and limber the body, which reduces the risk of injuries, as well as prevents over-exertion, which can lead to breathlessness and anxiety.
Being in better shape makes diving less strenuous, and therefore more safe and enjoyable.

Class is instructed by : Shahd Omar
Shahd Omar is a 300 hour Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga trained teacher. Her tools are inspired from yogic and Chinese traditions. She favours curiosity and passion over control, and her movement practice is an invitation to act with care. Her current mantra is "do less with more focus". Shahd's class is a colourful engagement with breathing and posture with the aim of cultivating compassion towards the self and others, in loving spoonfuls.


Want to extend your Air time Underwater ?!
Feel extremely exhausted and sadly will skip your 3rd Dive... or maybe your 3rd and 4th dives !
do you gasp for breath and get fatigued just from lifting your diving gear....... Scuba Plus has a solution !!!

In fitness for divers class you will learn:
- how to extend your bottom time ... enjoy a longer & deeper dives.
- how to increase your stamina ... to endure a full day of 4 dives with enjoyment and fresh sensation.
- how to get a stronger core... which will result a better in water posture and increased performance in buoyancy and a lesser underwater drag.
-how to get a stronger lower body to withstand strong currents. and swim underwater efficiently and with ease.
-how to speed up your recovery to prepare yourself for another full day of amazing dives.

- Come with comfortable sports wear.

class is instructed by : Kareem Hamed - Certified Fitness trainer - ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association),USA & he is PADI Rescue Diver.