Code Red Sea is an environmental initiative powered by Scuba Plus Diving Center and Diventure magazine.

The aim is to clean up the red sea and spread the awareness, protect the marine life and return the beauty to the bottom of the red sea.
The story started while scuba plus team was performing a dive and our eyes was hurt because of what we saw, huge amount of rubbish underwater slowly covering the corals and disappearing the marine life, at the day we thought of the cleanup, spoken to Diventure magazine team as well about the idea and they agree then we started together the planning, Pro Master diving center hosted the first event with excellent organization and support, HEBCA liked and supported the event with a promise to keep supporting the initiative, other sponsors also participated in the first event to support us.
Divers were all volunteers, Egyptians and expatriates divers joined the imitative, and some divers cancelled their diving trip just to join the event, for the sake of Red Sea Love.
Media team (director, Camera and interviewer) looked after the visibility of our initiative and job well done.
We wanted it to be environmental initiative not an event because this is our start not just one time event.