Keeping your scuba gear well-maintained and ensuring that it is serviced at regular intervals will help keep your dive experiences safe and stress-free. It is important to remember that your scuba gear is life support equipment that you need to be able to depend on working 100% of the time. Your life or the life of your dive buddies could be put at risk if you use malfunctioning or poorly serviced gear.

It is recommended that you service your gear every 12 months to ensure it is in proper working condition and it is important that you choose a service center that is certified to Australian standards to perform this service for you. At Scuba Plus our technicians are TQS qualified and we only work with manufacturer approved components to make sure that every piece of equipment that leaves our workshop is in as good condition as the day you bought it.

We take pride in the quality of our work and while we endeavour to finish your service promptly so we can return your gear to you as soon as possible during busy periods delays are to be expected. We work towards having all pieces of gear serviced and tested, ready for collection by our customers within five business days and will advise you before accepting a job if we are unable to meet this deadline. While we are happy to work with customers who have immediate need for our services,We have a large parts inventory for most of the brands in stock, We test the equipment after we reassemble it to make sure it is all good.