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105m World Record Attempt

Dear readers,

Following, you will find my account on the record I set in Egypt, July 2001. To me the story behind the record is always much more memorable than the record itself, so I wanted to share this experience with you and hope that it will be an interesting reading. Before that I would like to thank Rudi Castineyra for making this record and this rewarding experience come true one more time and my team for the great job they have done for everything to run very nice and smooth and in the most professional way. Peter Petrov (75 meters), ArthurZaloga (90 meters), Amr Ezzat (Reserve Diver), Hisham Ayyad (60 meters), Gido Braase (Video team chef), Mutlu Gunay (Safety Officer and Cameraman), Jez Tryner (Cameraman), Jayne Mayer (Bottom Judge), Xavier Toupin (15 meters), Ahmed Hewedy (30 meters), Karim Helal Jr. (45 meters), Bob Hambidge (Surface Judge). I also would like to thank Karim Helal for welcoming me to Egypt and providing all the logistical and technical support needed, Inter Continental Hotel for our comfortable stay and Quantum Watches for all their support as my title sponsor.
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